Film registration

Film registration into the 24th Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University

Do you make films? Are you brave enough to cross boundaries? Do you have an idea you want to bring to life?

Then this is the event for you! Shoot a short film and submit it for the 24th Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics MU (FFFIMU)!

With us, you can present your film in front of hundreds of people, and even win prizes, if your film captivates the jury or the audience.

The film registration is free. The films must be registered by April 8th, 2024, 23:59.

Prizes for the best films according to the jury's vote:

1st place – 5000 CZK

2nd place – 3000 CZK

3rd place – 2000 CZK

Prizes for the best films according to the audience poll:

Tangible rewards from festival partners

Proposition of the 24th FFFI MU

1. Terms

1.1. Festival – The Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (FF FI MU) is a public display of short films. The display consists of a main (competitive) part and a bonus (non-competitive) part.

1.2. Organizer – The festival is organized by the Laboratory of Electronic and Multimedia Applications (LEMMA) FI MU as part of the education at FI MU.

1.3. Time and place of the event – The festival usually takes place in Brno during the credit week at FI MU in the spring semester of the academic year.

1.4. Dramaturgy committee – The dramaturgy committee is made up of LEMMA teachers which will (along with various other experts) select the movies to be projected at the evening of the festival.

1.5. Expert jury  – The organizer will appoint a jury of industry professionals to evaluate the short films screened at the festival and determine the ranking of the best ones.

1.6. Author – The author of the work is understood to be the copyright holder of the collective work, typically the director. Only the author of the work can submit a film to the festival under their own name. In the case that multiple directors have contributed to the film, only one of them is allowed to submit it (with the consent of all co-authors).

1.7. Amateur film – A film that was not produced by professional authors. The competition is primarily aimed at aspiring filmmakers, especially students and alumni of high schools, colleges and universities focused on audiovisual production.

1.8. Length – The main competition is open to short films of any genre or form (live-action, animation) up to 8 minutes in length. The bonus section is open to short films of any length (they may exceed 8 minutes).

1.9. Copyright guarantee  – "I declare that I, as the author, am the holder of all copyrights or their licenses to the film (visual, musical, sound), I have settled the rights with the film participants, the film does not violate the laws of the Czech Republic and all of the procedures used to produce the film were legal (intellectual property works). The film does not contain hidden advertisements, it is not a promotional film or a film of a commercial/business entity. I confirm that the film is non-commercial and that its license was not part of a commercial contract or distribution. None of the co-producents (commercial entity, school) are holders of over 50 % of the rights."

2. Rights and obligations of the author

2.1. Submitter. The film can only be submitted by the film author; the author must be a permanent resident of the EU under their own name. An exception can be requested from the organizer.

2.2. Number of submitted films. One author is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 films in one year.

2.3. Age of the film. The submitted film must not be older than 3 years on the day of the festival.

2.4. The co-authors must not be professionals in the audiovisual field.

2.5. The theme of the films is not limited in any way and is not dependent on the theme of the festival.

2.6. Film submission. Films must be submitted and uploaded using the web form via the link at by the date listed on the website, typically 46 days before the festival at the latest. The author guarantees their adherence to the technical specification along with the correctness and completeness of the metadata listed in the online form. By submitting a film, the author agrees with these propositions.

2.7. Cooperation of the author. After submitting the film, the author will provide texts and graphics for the festival brochure, along with a brief annotation of the film and subtitles in English (in the case of movies in English the author provides subtitles in Czech).

2.8. Copyright licenses. The author of an accepted film provides the organizer a free license and the right to the public screening of the film within the festival, to the publication of the film on social media for 1 month after the festival is held, to the preservation of the film's reproduction to use during possible screenings in class, to the use of the film as promotion of FF FI MU, and to the film's non-public screenings for the academic community of MU. The author also provides the right to use a part of the film (video or audio) for the creation and public screening of an audiovisual piece that will be used to promote the festival (a video trailer and a compilation of the nominated films) and the right to use photographs, posters, screenshots and other materials submitted within the application as part of the promotion of FF FI MU on all digital and physical platforms.

3. Rights and obligations of the organizer

3.1. Dramaturgy. The organizer reserves the right to exclude entries that are not in alignment with these terms and conditions or are in conflict with the Czech legislation. Films that contain excessively vulgar and offensive footage that would substantially limit the accessibility of the festival for the general public will not be accepted.

3.2. The selection of films to be screened and the dramaturgy of the evening will be determined by the dramaturgy committee led by the festival director. There is no legal right to the inclusion of a film in the festival programme. The authors of the film will be informed whether their work was accepted or not through the contacts provided in the application form.

3.3. Rankings and awards. The organizer will announce the placement of the three best films in two categories:

a) Ranking and awardment by the jury, where the author receives a financial reward.

b) The audience award, where the author receives physical rewards.

The organizer reserves the right to not declare the winner of a certain place or category without having to disclose a reason. The author of the film has no legal right to receive the prizes; the non-monetary prizes cannot be alternatively fulfilled or converted into money.

3.4. Award ceremony. The prizes will be awarded based on a written agreement between the author and the organizer. The physical rewards will be handed over to the winner at the festival. In the case that the author (or the representative) of the winning film does not attend the ceremony in person, they will have the option to collect the prizes at the Faculty of Informatics MU in Brno within one month after the festival is held. Otherwise, the prizes will be forfeited without compensation.

3.5. GDPR. All personal data provided within the author's application is confidential and will be handled in accordance with act no. 101/2000 Coll. The organizer will not provide this data to third parties.

Mandatory technical specifications for films:

  • Format (codec) of video: H.264 (recommended), MPEG-4 Part 2

  • Format (codec) of audio: WAV, FLAC, MP3 (bitrate for MP3 at least 192 kbps)

  • Frame rate of video: 24 fps

  • Subtitles: in English in format SRT or ASS

  • Container: MP4 (recommended), M4V, MKV

  • Distinction: in width at least FullHD (i.e. 1920)

  • Bitrate: 10 - 20 Mbps

  • Volume: max. -3dB

  • Size: max. 2GB


  • Verify in time that the YouTube platform does not detect copyright infringement in your video.

  • If you need to prove to the YouTube platform that you hold the license rights to the used material or if you run into any technological difficulties, contact us at