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Film registration into the 23rd Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University

Do you make films? Are you not worried about standing on the edge? Do you have an idea you want to realise?

You are in the right place! Film a short film and register it for the 23rd Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics MU (FFFIMU)! The deadline is until April 9, 2023, so hurry!

With us, you can show your film in front of hundreds of people and even win prizes if your film interests jury or audience.

Are you ready to register?

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Proposition of the 23rd FFFI MU

Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics MU is a festival of short amateur films. Festival evening will be held on May 19, 2023, from 7 p. m., at Faculty of Informatics MU and in University Cinema Scala.

Conditions for admission of a film to the 23rd Film festival FI MU:

  1. Accepted films can be only amateur audiovisual creations of any genre and form of production (live action or animated) in a total length of 8 minutes
  2. Creators must not be professionals in the creation of audiovisual pieces
  3. A film must not be older than 3 years
  4. A film must not violate any copyright
  5. A film can be registered by only one of the authors and also with the consent of all co-authors of the work

Registration is free.

Competition films will be rated in two ways:

  • Voting of professional jury
  • Audience poll

Films must be registered until April 9, 2023, via an online form through the link above. Every film must have an accurate name. The application must also include an accompanying text with a brief annotation of the film, a film still and English subtitles (in the case of a foreign-language image, Czech subtitles). A video annotation is also recommended and will be screened before your film at the festival.

Organisers of the festival reserve the right to exclude contributions that do not meet the above conditions or contributions whose content conflicts with Czech legislation without submitting them to the Program Committee for assessment. Every author/author’s collective can register for the festival, maximally three separate films. The festival director and teachers of PV113 Production of Audiovisual Artefacts will select films for projection and dramaturgy of the festival evening. This intern jury differs from the professional jury, which will determine the winners. There is no legal right to be included in the festival program.

Authors will be informed about acceptance or rejection through contacts listed in film registration. Films selected by the Program Committee will be projected on screens in Brno during the 23rd Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics MU.

The contestant has no legal right to win the competition, and non-monetary prizes cannot be redeemed or converted into money. The prizes will be issued based on a mutual agreement between the author and the organisers of the 23rd Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics MU.

Material awards will be handed over in person during the festival evening. If the author (or author's representative) of the winning movie will not attend the handover ceremony personally, there is a possibility to pick up awards at the Faculty of informatics MU in Brno, one month after the festival's end (19. 6. 2023) otherwise the awards are lapsed (arrange pickup with organisators at

By registering an audiovisual work (film), the applicant declares that he has the right to use the work in this way and that he has the rights to the works used in the film.

By submitting a film, the applicant grants the organiser a free license to screen the work as part of the 23rd Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics MU.

By registering the film, the author also grants MU a non-exclusive, free license to preserve the copy for possible screening of the work as part of teaching and promotion of FFFI MU and for non-public screening for the MU academic community. The territorial and quantitative scope of the license is unlimited. Authorisations are granted for the entire duration of the respective rights.

Prizes for the best films according to the jury's vote and audience poll:

1st place – 5000 CZK

2nd place – 3000 CZK

3rd place – 2000 CZK

Tangible rewards from festival partners

Mandatory technical specifications for films:

  • Format (codec) of video: H.264 (recommended), MPEG-4 Part 2

  • Format (codec) of audio: WAV, FLAC, MP3 (bitrate for MP3 at least 192 kbps)

  • Frame rate of video: 24 fps

  • Subtitles: in English in format SRT or ASS

  • Container: MP4 (recommended), M4V, MKV

  • Distinction: in width at least FullHD (i.e. 1920)

  • Bitrate: 10 - 20 Mbps

  • Volume: max. -3dB

  • Size: max. 2GB


  • Verify in time that the YouTube platform does not detect copyright infringement in your video.

  • If you need to prove to the YouTube platform that you hold the license rights to the used material, contact us at