Faculty of Informatics MU Film Festival (FF FI MU)

Under the auspices of the Laboratory of Electronic and Multimedia Applications (LEMMA)

This year's 24th FI MU Film Festival will take place on 17 May 2024 with simultaneous screenings at the Faculty of Informatics MU building and other venues. Last year's 23rd edition of the FI MU Film Festival, which was held both in person and streamed, is available for viewing on the festival's YouTube:

As the organizers of the festival, we offer you the opportunity to cooperate and become a partner of the festival. You can use it to promote yourself and reach not only students of the Faculty of Informatics, but also other faculties of MU, students of BUT and the general public.

Types of cooperation:

Bronze partnership (from 10 000 CZK)

  • Use of your logo on all festival printed materials, i.e.:
  • posters, which we place in faculties, dormitories and around Brno in cafes, cinemas, etc.,
  • leaflets that we distribute in Brno in public, at partner events and around the faculties of the universities,
  • festival brochures with the evening's programme, which we hand out to every visitor to the festival;
  • promotion of the company in the form of a logo on the festival website and our social networks (Facebook, event, Instagram);
  • promotion of the company logo in the festival's video materials (trailer, broadcast of the festival programme);
  • reserved VIP seats for company representatives;
  • Mention of the partnership by presenters during the festival programme.

Silver partnership (from 20 000 CZK)

All included in the Bronze Partnership plus we offer:

  • Promotion of the company on our social networks in the form of a dedicated post as agreed (Facebook, Instagram, Reels);
  • possibility of placing promotional items or flyers in the premises of the Faculty of Informatics of MU during the festival;
  • possibility of placing roll-ups directly in the premises of FI MU (except for the screening room);
  • placing advertisements in the festival brochure up to the size of half a page of the brochure.

Golden Partnership (from 30 000 CZK)

All included in the Silver Partnership plus we offer:

  • the possibility of placing your own stand in the FI MU premises on the day of the festival;
  • the possibility of placing roll-ups directly in the main screening room;
  • placement of an advertisement in the festival brochure up to the size of a full page of the brochure;
  • the possibility of personal presentation of prizes to the winners.

General partnership (from 40 000 CZK, max. 1 partner)

All included in the Gold Partnership plus we offer:

  • Screening of an advertising spot during the festival;
  • Best placement and largest size of logo in the materials;
  • other promotion options as agreed, such as introducing the company before the awards, the possibility to announce your own award or the possibility to make a promotional video for your company. At this point we are also open to your suggestions.

We will make the financial one in the form of a special-purpose donation agreement FI MU (preferred form, the partner reduces his tax base). Exceptionally, they can also be realized by direct order of festival advertising (for FI MU, as an economic activity, where the amounts are increased by overhead and VAT).

If you are interested in this offer of cooperation or have other ideas for your promotion, we will be happy to provide you with detailed information, including sending you archive festival USB and samples of festival brochures and flyers from previous years. We would be delighted to hear from you and can possibly arrange a personal meeting or video call to discuss the details of the partnership.

Thank you for considering a collaboration! Our contacts:


Phone: +420 601 361 223 Dominik Hanák (FF FI MU Organization) (primary contact)

Phone: +420 730 618 385 Michal Románek (FF FI MU Organization)

Phone: +420 549 496 966 Petr Sojka (Head of LEMMA FI MU and Festival Director)

Website:, Social networks:,

P.S.: If none of these forms of partnership suits you, you can also support us in a material way, such as promotional items, materials, or other products that your company creates. These are usually used as prizes for the winners of the festival or for competitions before the festival. You can also become our media partner or otherwise help the festival organization.